Building a Runner

To build a runner you have a Few options.

You can select a pre-made Archetype and then further customise it through race selections and the options listed in the Archetype.


Build a custom runner from the following rules:

Select one of the Following Classes:
Face, Street Samurai, Decker, Rigger, Magician, Adept, and Shaman
Use the description as a guideline when distributing your points and gear.

Alocate 20 attribute points across the 6 key statistics.
(no score can be above 6 before adding racial mods.)


Apply a Racial mods from one of the following. Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Troll
Keep in mind that any racial penalties must be addressed before moving on, no score can be below 1.
So if you had a penalty of -1 to body, you would need to set body to 2 before you could apply that race.

Spend up to 25 Skill points on your Skills )

Go Shopping for Resources.
Each Starting Character has 200,000¥ to start.
This is used to buy your starting equipment, contacts/friends/vehicles and pre paid lifestyle.
(You can only invest up to 125,000¥ into a single item or upgrade)

Mage, Adept, and Shaman classes also get 25 Force Points that they can spend on spells and starting Magical Gear. (A maximum of 6 Force points can be spent on a single spell at creation)

Players can also take out loans at a rate of 50,000¥ per loan.
These Loans cost interest equal to 5% of its initial sum every in game month.

If a player defaults on a payment, A bounty equal to 10% of the loan’s Initial Sum is added to the players head. The higher the bounty the more dangerous the collectors.

There is no way to remove a bounty once acquired.

Building a Runner

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