House Rules

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Trace program running

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>Well if you have gotten this far then you probably have a decent understanding of the Shadowrun system, or at the very least are interested to see what we have changed.


>As noted in the Advancement thread we have altered the way karma and lifestyles are handled. This change adds a certain longevity to Shadowrun games, as you work to pay, and overcome your bills and grow stronger as a runner.


>Ordinance weapons like grenades now scale back in severity based on the distance from the flashpoint. At ground 0, AKA the targeted square, the weapons damage scales up by 1 degree. the initial blast area is a 5 × 5 square around that flash point, dealing the listed damage. every 2 squares the grenade’s damage reduces in severity at a rate of 2 Power and 1 degree.

>Defensive Grenades reduce at double rates. so 4 Power, and 2 degrees for every squares.

The Matrix

>Diving into the Matrix will be handled in one of two ways. For unscripted runs, a hacker will roll all of his relevant dice from the program he is using and adds his hacking pool normally. (up to the program’s value.) This Program check will be against the system’s target number, and degrees of success will be awarded. Retries are allowed but once you run out of your Hacking pool, the system is locked, and no future attempts are allowed.

>A Hacker’s Hacking pool is refreshed on every new system he dives into this way.

>The other way is more commonly known to Shadowrun. A hacker physically dives in and maps the system with his persona, and programs, encountering IC normally.

End of message.

House Rules

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