The Basics

Shadowrun 2nd edition. Rules are simple.

In general to do any action you are required a Skill or Attribute test. For each number you have in a skill you roll a D6 against a target number. If you roll that target number or higher, you get a success. Checks will normally require only one success to pass, but you gain greater results on multiple successes.

When the Target number is higher then six you roll exploding dice, meaning that every time you roll a 6 you re-roll the dice and add the numbers together.

For example to shoot someone, you are required to roll a firearms check, or the appropriate firearms skill (like rifles). If you have Firearms 6, you would roll 6 dice against a target number, that would be modified by range, lighting, and such. After all is said and done your target number is 8. You would then roll your six dice and hope you roll a few explosions to overcome the the difficult shot.

For the most part this campaign follows all 2nd edition Rules.
Please look at our House Rules for the rules that have been modified or reworded.

The Basics

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