After every Mission your runner will earn Nuyen and Good Karma.

These can be spent to improve your character, and exchanged at a 2,000¥ to 1 Good Karma.
You are allowed to do an exchange once after every session, and can exchange up to your current Karma Pool worth of Good Karma.

When you wish to spend Karma, as a team you must discuss how much time you are allotting between missions. Based on the number of months, you are allowed to spend Karma values associated with your current Lifestyle. This cost represents the personal time and resources you spent training your new skills and attributes. In addition to these costs any interest on loans must be paid for every month.

Lifestyle Max Karma/Month ¥ Cost per Month
Steet (homeless) 0
Squatter 1 100¥
Low 6 1,000¥
Middle 20 5,000¥
High 50 10,000¥
Luxery 50+ 100,000¥

If your Character has any loans, you must pay the Loan’s interest for every month passed in game before he can spend lifestyle costs.

If for any reason you are unable to pay lifestyle costs, your lifestyle will immediately decease to the lower level.

To improve your Lifestyle you must pay twice the new lifestyle cost.

These expenses are in addition to ingame costs as time passes in session.


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